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Does the Whole Body Vibration Therapy Has Benefits on Health?

Fitness and Weight Loss. The Whole Body Vibration Therapy is part of the passive fitness movement which promises to improve weight loss as well as fitness for lesser or no work at all. This may appear to be so good to be true, but then again, it probably is. And since it can cause the muscle to contract, it is attainable that the whole body vibration therapy can lead to muscle contraction, it is probable that whole body vibration therapy would lead to small amounts of muscle strengthening, particular those who are living a sedentary lifestyle and are deprived from any kinds of exercises because of certain health conditions. But then again, there is a deficiency of claims and sound theory that support the claim that this form of therapy assists in losing weight as well as significantly influences fitness level. In general, burning of fats would necessitate a mixture of reduction in the consumption of calorie intake as well as active exercises. Cardio exercise is incredibly vital in losing weight and something that is not given by whole body vibration therapy.

So for now, this kind of therapy can be seen as somewhat beneficial for those who can’t partake to having regular exercises, but then again, not as a substitute to exercise and diet in general.

Reduction of lower back pain. And with regards to the application of whole body vibration therapy to ease lower back pain is actually not well-researched. And a small study was conducted which concentrated on low frequency whole body vibration therapy found it to be beneficial in improving never measures in patients who are experiencing chronic back pain which includes quality of life, pain as well as posture.
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One seeming disagreement with the utilization of whole body vibration therapy in treating back pain is that, for a lot of years, exposure to vibration can lead to back pain. Truck drivers and vibrating machine operators have a high risk of actually having back pain. The protagonists of whole body vibration therapy say that the difference between those kinds of vibrations as well as that delivered by whole body vibration therapy is the duration. Exposure to vibrations that are related to job exposure is actually a long term and has increasing effects on the body, on the other hand, whole body vibration therapy is brief and is more controlled.
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The whole body vibration therapy is an alternative choice that you can try in order to decrease lower back pain, but then again, given the scarcity in research, it may be considered as a last resort.